the gods and the occupation

10 Oct

Birgitt Williams, my primary process arts mentor and author of a timely e-book The Genuine Contact Way, and I have had an interesting exchange about this occupation.

Her response to my choosing to take part was the following:

I am fascinated by the adventures you choose to take. What comes to my mind are two things. One, it is important not to take a ‘side’ as the gods don’tcare what side you take  so long as you do take a side because it allows them to divide and conquer. Note that I use small letters for ‘gods’. The second is that it is important to take a stand for what truly is heartfelt and meaningful to you.

When I followed up with her to ask her what she meant by “gods,” this is what she had to say:

“If we make our goal to live a life of compassion and unconditional love, then the world will indeed become  a garden where all kinds of flowers can bloom and grow”. ~Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross~

When we created the Harmony Project in 2001, we launched it with the belief that the facilitator of the Open Space Technology meeting be detached from outcome in order to be effective in ‘holding space’ for emergence. Hundreds

of people around the world have committed to holding space for opportunities for harmony in the world. As each one made their commitment, we asked them if they could commit to not taking a side for a lifetime and truly hold steady in ‘holding the space open’. In any Open Space, once sides are taken,polarization happens, space closes, and instead of emergence from collective wisdom, the tendency is to shift to ‘mob rule’. History has shown us that when mob rule results, there is always a new form of tyranny waiting in the wings to take on leadership. Now, if there are people who are carefully doing the inner work to hold steady without taking sides, who are able to detach from outcome, and who approach the situation from heart wisdom, then real and lasting change is possible. I am wondering if you are experiencing collective wisdom emerging, or experiencing something that is closer to mob rule of being ‘against something? The former seems harder to do for humans

at this stage of evolution, and yet we see glimpses of it.

When I mentioned to you about ‘gods’, I was relating to forces  that wish to control humanity for their own gain. Mythology is full of these gods, as are books on psychology to do with the gods developed by the ego. I recently read a fiction book, somewhat dark fiction, but very informative on the subject called American Gods by Neil Gaiman, an award-winning book, recommended to me by son David. In turn, I highly recommend it to you and anyone else interested in the subject of gods and goddesses in America and their influence on the condition of life, and how we allow it.

On the subject of allowing terrible things to happen, basically, humanity has been asleep and seems to be coming out of its sleep. This coming out of its sleep is the exciting part. What we will choose to do collectively once awakened is the scary part. For me, this is scary because after all of the activities of awakening, such as the one you are involved in, the masses do

not have a plan. This leaves the situation ripe for those who sit in the wings who do have a plan to take charge. Some will do things which are life nurturing, some will do things which could be more life depleting than before. History is full of these stories, as is mythology. And some will

think they are doing good, but really are causing harm while others appear to have intentions of doing harm and yet might end up doing good. There is a phrase in English ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’.

This takes me to the most important point of my note. The most dangerous point comes when the protests are done.if there is nothing sufficient in place to create the new world that is desired. The most important thing that I can think of doing at this time aside from spending more and more of my  day in compassion and unconditional love, is to teach others how to lead participatory meetings that use circles such as Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, and Circle Work. Any of you who are reading this if you know how to teach these methods, what are you doing to increase the number of people you reach with your teaching? When you teach these methods, you increase the capacity on this planet for humans to empower themselves, to flex their newly empowered selves, and to ensure that the capacity is present amongst humanity, after all of the acts of protest to

build a new heaven on earth by empowered humans through tapping into collective wisdom.

Blessings to all,


What Birgitt says about not taking sides, teaching the aforementioned methods, living from love, and what will happen after the protest all resonate with me.

What about for you, dear reader?


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