the occupy wall street library?

19 Oct
When i read this new yorker piece about what’s in the Occupy Wall Street library, i wish all occupations, including my local Occupy San Diego occupation included other books:
by Harrison Owen:
From the author’s website: “This is Harrison Owen’s first book which charted some new directions in what has become known as Organization Transformation. At the time of publication it was viewed somewhat askance, a viewpoint strengthened by an early review in the Utne Reader, which termed the book a “cult classic.” Today, with the growing interest in Spirit and Consciousness in organizations, it will seem closer to the mainstream, but still pushing at the edges. There is nothing about Open Space Technology in the book, but more than a passing mention of the Open Space in our lives.”
Practice of Peace. Harrison Owen.
Genuine Contact Way.  Birgitt Williams. (a printout of this e-book???). Excerpt here (see pp. 23-27)
Community: the Structure of Belonging. Peter Block. (freely downloadable booklet with book’s main ideas here.)

and of course, Robert Masters’s provocative short article on Authentic Community!

What books would you want to see in the library? How do we make this happen???


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    […] that draw on a community building paradigm that reaches beyond consensus-based decision-making (as referenced in the books mentioned in the Occupy Wall Street library blog post), I think it is possible to create something that looks a lot like the Occupy Process but with a […]

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