OWS being co-opted?

25 Oct
Several links of interest today.
The first two come from Richard Moore, author of Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World. I’ve read Richard’s posts with great interest on the Dynamic Facilitation/Wisdom Council email lists.
The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order(yes, the title to me is off-putting, but much interesting context-setting/history there).
Email thread on the Cyberjournal list
…suggesting that OWS is being co-opted
What I am sure of, is that none of the grass-roots initiatives or movements currently on the scene have any hope of changing anything. In fact, activist energy is increasingly being channeled and managed by the very system we are hoping to change. As with Obama, who managed to fool all of the people some the time, and even now is fooling some of the people all of the time. ‘Hope you can believe in’, if you’re dreaming.
But someone like Obama can only channel those who see hope in the political system. More and more people are realizing there is no hope in the political system. So we are getting things like The Zeitgeist Movement and Anonymous, that cater to those who have given up on politics, and give them something to ‘join’ or ‘follow’ so they can pretend they’re ‘doing something’…
The latest of these vehicles of co-option is the Occupy Wall Street movement. This one’s really a humdinger. It has all the right slogans, and an appealing internal process. Its success is not surprising, because it is the latest version of a formula that has been thoroughly tested and refined ‘on the ground’. We might call it the ‘twitter formula’, and we’ve seen it in the ‘colored revolutions’ that were used to bring about various desired regime changes, and more recently in the ‘Arab Spring’ movements, that soaked up lots of energy and prevented unwanted regime changes.
Four years ago progressives found hope in Obama. This time around they’re finding hope in the Occupy Wall Street movement. In both cases, this ‘hope’ became available all too easily, was accompanied by all the right mainstream publicity, and offered easy ways to join in and become not only a follower, but an active participant. This is what co-option looks like.
And by Michel Chossudovsky:
My own personal experience working for a local nonprofit and an international one in Russia would seem to bear out at least some of what is in these articles.
During a short stint as a volunteer for the Soldiers Mothers of St. Petersburg (many of the Soldiers Mothers organizations were disabled with KGB and later FSB infiltration, SMSP is one place where it probably didn’t happen), about ten years ago I helped write a grant to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). I recall thinking to myself then that that was a strange place to seek funding as I knew of NED as an outfit set up in the Reagan years to use American democratic values to foment dissent around the world, i.e. an engine for manufacturing dissent.
My experience with a well-known international humanitarian nonprofit organization in Ingushetia (assisting Chechen refugees) was also really eye-opening. The presence of the relief organizations in Ingushetia’s largest city, Nazran, had the feeling of a military occupation. The meta-message was something along the lines of: “We’ll help you refugees out but on our terms.” One of the seasoned people on the ground with much experience working in international relief confided in me that the real motivation on the part of Western governments for funding humanitarian assistance in Chechnya was simply to discredit the Russian government.

2 Responses to “OWS being co-opted?”

  1. ajmacdonaldjr November 7, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    I agree with what you’ve said. Worse, I believe the US government and the military are actually the instigators of OWS, just as they were in Egypt, using Otpor strategies. No good can come of OWS, just as no good has come to Egypt. The Egyptian peoples are more enslaved now than before, yet the slogan of OWS is “another Tahrir Square”, which, if I remember, resulted in riots, killings, and a military dictatorship for the Egyptian peoples. This is no doubt the goal of the US government for the America as well as Egypt, via OWS.

    See: Revolution Hijacked – Egypt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCC2IJbxYA8&feature=feedu

    See: The Revolution Business: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpXbA6yZY-8

    • reinhabitsandiego November 7, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

      AJ thanks for your comment.
      Thanks for the video links. I look forward to sharing them with others.

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