Our Nuthouse votes for Obama?

23 Dec

Two months ago the little known Ekaterinburg (Russia) rock group RabFak came out with a searing, hysterical, and shocking anti-Putin song, Our Nuthouse Votes for Putin. (Note: the video is NSFW in parts; I make the choice of posting this kind of link here because I think the core message captures our global zeitgeist impeccably.

This song has particular resonance for me as I lived for ten years in Russia, was witness to the USSR’s collapse…And I share the grief of many Russians for what has taken place in the Russian Federation.

The song has touched people so much that people were looking to see it entered into the annual Eurovision contest.

I wonder if this song may serve as a source of inspiration for the US Occupy movement to put out a “Our Nuthouse Votes for Obama?”

As one American pointed out, perhaps we Americans are even nuttier than Russians if most of us still believe we have a democracy?!

– soon it will be legal to detain indefinitely  Americans suspected of terrorism

– he now has the right to order the killing of any American suspected of terrorism

– he has been a consistent apologist and enabler for Wall Street

To be clear, I don’t hold significant hard feelings against Obama. He seems to be the sharpest president I’ve seen in my life. And probably has tried his best.

I am grateful for the power of song to convey the spirit of our times.

However, the amount of continuity there is with his predecessor in the sheer number choices and decisions he has made as president leaves me at a loss for words. An Obama version of this Russian song perhaps could express this?

Any songwriters out there???


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